In order to garantee you maximum security in the context of the health crisis, we will make every effort to ensure that each accomodation is completely disinfected after each departure and before each arrival, using cleaning protocols aimed at paying particular attention  to the elements most affected by the hands.

Bungalow rentals from T1 to T4

Located on the west coast of Reunion, SAINT-LEU offers a wonderfull climate and sunshine.

You will find all the services: Post Office, Gendarmerie, Shops, Supermarket ...


The Cardinal des Grands Bleus is located slightly away from the city center, 10 minutes walk from the lagoon and by car 5 minutes from the center and 2 minutes from the lagoon.



Come and discover a part of the Cardinal at 360 °! Click on the buttons at the top left of the video to move the view around the pool and in one of our bungalows.

Video 360°

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6 rue Marcel Pagnol


Île de la Réunion

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